‘Your body has a secret language’

A lot of us are feeling under the weather at the moment. If you are, it may help you to know that partly why it is acute at the moment is because of a cosmic cleansing happening globally and within your own system.  It is literally a battle between darkness and light, fear and love, within you and about you.

We are at the end of a huge month. Along with the Autumn Equinox on Sep 22nd –  which always marks a new beginning – and that stark full eclipse on the 28th evoking paranoia and fear, there has been a powerful in-pouring of Christos love. All this has had its effect on our minds, our inner rhythms and our well-being.  It is another big boost forward in the process of transformation, and it is up to each of us to ride the wave till it brings us into calmer waters .

So, that rigid neck you are suffering from – rigidly trying to hold your head and heart together as one.  That endless cold which won’t go away – grielf you haven’t shed.   Lower back gone?  You are feeling unsupported…..  And with the energies around during September, it will be older stuff from the past now called to the surface to express itself in these and similar ways.

‘Your body has a secret language’, says Rumi ‘Your arms and legs say what you’ve done.’   The reason old emotions manifest in our bodies is that they are  often too deeply buried for us to be able to recognise consciously. If we can’t accept things at a conscious level, (and we can’t accept what we are not aware of),  then it impacts at a physical level.  The physical body is the densest layer of being.  If things have got that far, it is because we haven’t been able to address them at a mental, emotional, or spiritual level.

It follows that addressing physical symptoms at  levels beyond the physical is the only way to shift them permanently.   There is only so far we can get by ignoring or repressing pain or illness, despite that we have been conditioned to ‘Keep calm and carry on’.  There is an imperative to go in with a searchlight and root out what memories or feelings your pain represents.  As Rumi said : ‘The cure for pain is in the pain.’ – Within every painful experience – (physical or mental) is the seed of a new beginning.

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  1. Ah this blog makes so much sense now I know why the last month has been so tiring, cold, coughs, low energy, insecurities…..i look forward to the results of the cleansing 🙂


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