Willpower is a waste of you

So how are you getting on with your New Year commitments?  Are you trying to give up X and do more of Y?  nYes?  Well, let go of that, you need to focus on quite another goal.

The fact is that willpower is out in 2016.  It is at best unnecessary, and at worst it is quite destructive.

Effort of will are of the old world, and because our trumpeting will is distanced from the softer music of our heart, the world is in a mess.

The thing to do now, urgently, is to find efficient ways to centre yourself.

That’s it.

We are at the foothills of a new 2000-year high mountain, and the mountain is self-hood.  That means knowing and accepting all of yourself,  heart, mind, body and spirit.  This mountain cannot be scaled by willpower, it takes other disciplines altogether:- patience, love and forgiveness.  Non-judgement.

So if you are not a natural gym fanatic, then truly, don’t bother.  And please, forget dieting, it really doesn’t work.  What will keep you healthy and well is to be fully embodied.  Your body will tell you what works for it and what doesn’t.

Self-knowledge is different from self aggrandizement or its dark twin, self-hatred.  Although you are likely to have to give such aspects of your personality some air play, (because repressing them just makes them shout louder), they will disappear naturally as you allow the light of your own consciousness to flood them.

Intelligent Soul is all about being at this foothill of the mountain of self .   It is the work of the 21st Century. We do not advocate giving up this or having to do that. Instead we gently unveil your own depth of wisdom and wellness, hidden and corrupted by life.   Once you know yourself in this way your health and weight will be right, and you will always flow smoothly and easily through your life, because your life is you.




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