Reach for lightness

All I can say at the moment is I think it is showdown time for all those aspects of ourself (that’s your self). which are not aligned to light, are not your true real self. (These are in essence the same thing). That’s probably an annoyingly non-specific way of describing what I KNOW is causing all this suffering. But these things do not readily squeeze into limited, linear, words.

I say it’s showdown time because of the astonishing number of people who have called on me, feeling desperate, depressed, afraid, in the past 48 hours.

Feeling depressed and anxious is a sign you are working something out at a deep, probably unconscious level.
Feeling afraid shows you are tuning into the wrong frequency. Probably, you are aligning yourself to the secular, outside world, the world of the news and the internet and other people’s opinions and judgements.

All of these things are resolved with the same basic piece of advice – find your source of light and peace and joy, and keep tuning into it. Of course that is easier said that done. It takes practice and usually a technique which works for you. And it is important that your source of joy is not actually a delusion, such as drugs, alcohol, or other escapes. You have to nourish your body reasonably well in order for your mind to be well. It’s the pure sources you are looking for – nature, art, animals, loved ones, young children…And if possible, your inner silence, your breath, some yoga or tai chi…

I can and do help anyone who turns my way and I am so glad to be able to do so. The problem is, no-one has any money so I am not paid. And so, whilst being rich in light, I am always poor in cash. I just have to have faith that my own needs will be met…. And, whilst there are times when I panic about lack of money, or feel saddened when sometimes people who are paying for my yoga classes, which are a rich source of healing and light for all who attend, try to get an even better ‘deal’ for themself.

But on balance I am so glad that I know what my true riches are, and I whilst I really wish people were not suffering so, I am very happy that I seem to be able to help. Most of all I am grateful to have faith and trust, which are the greatest security of all.

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