What healing does

As promised last week – here’s an example from my own experience of giving healing.

Vicky has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and she really doesn’t want it.  She is coping with a double blow: the symptoms themselves – bad enough – and the assault on her identity which such a damning diagnosis brings.

Vicky is still young, very gorgeous, successful, intelligent, lively company…. She does not relate to being exhausted, in pain and fuzzy brained.  And because Chronic Fatigue is a deceptive illness – there can be days, weeks even, when it seems to have gone – Vicky is inclined to deny that she has it at all.

The thing is that denying CFS just gives it power. You have to accept it and manage it, or it will sneak up on you and swamp your life. But Vicky was having none of it, she didn’t want to accept her illness because she liked her lively, all-coping self…. the whole thing just made her angry.

So, we did some gentle yoga to help Vicky relax, and then I settled her down and I channelled some Christos healing – that is, a high level of unconditional love – into her crown chakra.  She relaxed deeply.

A few days later she rang me up: ‘Physically I am a lot more energized, and the pain has gone. But the really amazing bit is that I have suddenly accepted that I have this thing.  It’s actually a relief to accept it, because now I am explaining to people why I get so tired, and I am beginning to manage my life in the ways we discussed, and I feel so much more in control and at peace with it all.’

That the healing had shifted her pain and renewed her energy was great, but not surprising.  The bit that made me really excited that it had removed her resistance to her diagnosis.  That is the kind of thing which could take months of counselling, yet 10 minutes of healing had got it sorted.  And it was nothing to do with me, with any intention I had.  I was just the channel.  The healing power went into Vicky’s mind, body and soul via her crown chakra, which is beyond my intentions, and beyond Vicky’s conscious mind too. It shifted what it new most needed to be shifted to move Vicky onwards into peace and wellness.

This is what high-level healing can do, and it is incredibly easy to deliver.  Much easier than teaching yoga or Insight therapy or counselling….

At this rate, all us practioners, counsellors and yoga teachers are going to be out of a job….


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