Success is what happens whilst you are doing other things

If you are, like me, self-employed, I wonder have you ever noticed that ‘Success is what happens whilst you are doing other things’, to mis-quote John Lennon’s famous words.


Hard work, persistence, endurance, resilience and other admirable but rather exhausting qualities are part of the game, to be sure, but in my long experience of being self-employed, they don’t create the results.


I’m here to suggest to you that success comes from aligning yourself to your own truth, your own centre, which is the same as your own sense of God or of no God, whatever way you approach or name it.  It’s about making sure you are healthy, happy and authentic, working with true integrity and in tune with the beautiful in yourself, your life and your work.


And even if in the past people have built big successes outside of these foundations, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, this is no longer going to be the case.


I’ve been a freelance yoga teacher for nearly 2 decades and before that was a freelance PR and editor, so I speak from long experience…. I have discovered that my primary job is to ensure that I am immersed and flowing in my own river of truth, and to keep checking in to ensure I stay with that flow.


Of course I still plan, have endless ideas, do my admin, persist where it seems necessary and occasionally endure, but I must do all of these from the right starting point.


And  in fact, whilst I am being rigorously active and diligent, the clients most right for my work come quietly ebbing in at the back door, washing up there through no effort at all on my part.   The direct results of my outer hard work?  A little here and there but on balance, not much, frankly.


So why bother with planning, effort, endurance?  To keep your outer mind convinced that you are doing enough, to keep yourself out of trouble, as the expression goes, to show willing…. these things count.  But the real work is of a different order.  It is the ongoing discipline to be often enough still, and the ongoing courage to remove the detritus and occasionally stir up the silt so that you are flowing clearly and cleanly in the right direction.


  1. I agree that you have to come from the right place, a place of alignment with your values, purpose, your spiritual journey. The rest is just window dressing for the ego. Great blog.

  2. This is beautiful Jo, your words are so true. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Beautifully written, Jo, as always. And full of truth.
    We need you to keep writing and keep in your flow. Maybe the one feeds the other 🙂 Dx


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