Getting pummelled this Spring?

Life is like a fast flowing river, do not try to hold onto the banks, but look around and notice who else is in there with you.

Do you recall those words, they are American Indian, slightly misquoted by me because I have done it from memory. It has never made as much sense as it does now. Anyone I know who is aware, who is of calibre, is getting hurtled, tumbled, pummelled and purified by the torrent. hurtling down with the ice melt of the old age, gasping for breath and getting battered by all the debris of the last 2000 years.

It feels relentless because it is. Trying to take control doesn’t work for more that a few tightly-gripped hours.

How to survive, how to address it? Major changes are forcing their way through our minds and bodies, like the new shoots which will penetrate the hardest earth in their vocation to come out into the light . En route to the light we are being stripped of inauthenticity, ego, fear and false idols (such as money and success). The chaos and horrors of the external world reflect and affect our personal turbulence. It’s frightening but what is underneath is pure spirit. That’s perfect peace, to you and I.

We are preparing to be superhuman. If humans can stay on track with this – flow towards the new ocean – then things will feel so different for our children’s children. We will be lighter, more aware, more interconnected.

Once again the only way is to surrender your will and to find – and stay focused on your true self, and the light of your divine. Helping each individual to find these things and to stay with them is the only way I can truly help, and it is the only help which endures.

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  1. Thank you Jo, I really needed that this morning after a 2am finish typing reports and trying to be a super human teacher X


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